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CockpitAero is an aviation training, testing, and consultancy organization combining 20 years of experience in the industry to promote 'safer skies'. The ultimate goal is to use our expertise in the fields of selection, training and testing to ensure safety minded pilots, air traffic controllers, engineers, students and managers are introduced into the industry.


Our target audience span from individuals to firms and governments, and to enthusiasts seeking to explore the world of aviation just like professionals. We shall strive to fulfil anyone and everyone’s’ passion for aviation to the extent where everyone enjoys the thrills of ‘safer skies’....

Professionals are supported for self-development, whereas youngsters without any experience but enthusiasm, which we find equally important, will find CockpitAero to be their in-house career adviser and planner.

The CockpitAero team is made up of a selected number of elite professionals such as captains, engineers and business developers who possess precious experience in training and testing of aviation personnel.

Professionals of various global backgrounds in the industry will contribute by articles and newsletters to promote quality and safety in aviation.




Theoretical and practical application of aviation concepts complement each other when training aspiring aviators, especially pilots.

Although we provide theoretical training and support to those who already conduct pilot training elsewhere, one of our notable qualities is to offer flight simulator training in a full Boeing 737 simulator. Please contact us for further details on availability and cost.

CockpitAero also offers wide range of university lecturing in aviation related subjects that appeals to Air Transport Management, Cabin Crew Training and Ground Handling courses in addition to subjects directly related to the Airline Transport Pilot License qualification.


CockpitAero has a dedicated approach in providing testing solutions in the aviation industry. The particular interest we possess in this field is one which we find extremely important for the safe and efficient operation of commercial aircraft. Not only does this influence the way in which training organizations shall improve their teaching abilities, but also influence the methods in which candidates are accurately and meaningfully tested for the purpose for which they would eventually serve as airline pilots and aviators.

We aim to serve the aviation community within our reach, providing excellence in the training and testing of aviators and anyone with a desire to pursue a career in aviation.

In particular, pilots and air traffic controllers will be in our scope of test candidates.


People and Nature

CockpitAero is fully aware of its obligations towards the society in which it serves as aviation professionals and believes in contributing in any way it can.

Apart from visits of academic and educational nature to boost interest in aviation, our team also takes part in activities which play an instrumental role in encouraging youngsters to recognise the needs of disabled individuals in the society. Our charity work aired on local TV programmes influence the community and helps promote a just culture for all.

Donating equipment for the disabled

University visits

Participating as a speaker at the World Meteorological Day conference (Cyprus)

On a charity visit to explore basic facilities with a group of university students

Recoding audio-books…

Carli Burke and her canine on a hike in the idyllic Cleve Hill, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire...

What may appear to be a typical day over London with a jetliner drawing a happy contrail was actually the odd one out after a long and painful lockdown...

Mount Erciyes sitting at 3,916 metres in central Anatolia...

The Black Sea...

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